Advanced Kayak Lessons and
Master Class


Sign up for our advanced kayak lessons. Our 1-Day class in Deception Pass at max flow will push your skills to the next level. Our 5-Day Master Class is geared to the advanced paddler. San Juan Islands, WA
Advanced Kayak in Deception Pass

Tide Races and Whirlpools
Kayaking in Deception Pass at Max Flows

$250.+tax per person

2 person minimum, 4 person maximum group size
2 participants per coach

Class Details:
The starting times for these advanced kayak classes are going to vary according to the predicted tidal current schedule. We aim to get on the water near slack water and paddle through the maximum flows. The duration of the classes is approximately 6-7 hours but also varies according to the needs of the group. When you book with us we will confirm the starting time
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Call 360•488•4247 to reserve a spot.

There are times during the summer when the currents in Deception Pass reach velocities that test the limits of competent sea kayakers. These conditions provide the best opportunity to transform your skills from pretty good to something close to bad-assed. Haha!

You already feel comfortable in a kayak. You have a good combat roll, you've paddled in some rougher conditions and now you're ready to challenge yourself at a higher level. Our coaches will guide you through this process and their presence will give you the confidence to test your limits. We have all gone through this ourselves.

You will love our instructors. They are not only internationally certified coaches, but also extremely capable kayakers who have tested themselves on some of the world’s most challenging waters. A solid background of paddling on big whitewater rivers, as well as many of the biggest tidal races on the planet, has given them a depth of experience that makes them the guys you want nearby. As coaches they are incredibly talented at noticing any minor problems with your form, allowing you the best opportunities for success. They also happen to be super charismatic and fun people to spend time with. We know that you’ll have a fantastic experience.

We will only be offering this advanced sea kayaking instructional class a handful of times throughout the summer and we can only accommodate a few people. Book early to ensure that you get a spot!

At these max flows the water conditions in Deception Pass are no joke. Participants should have a well developed roll, and be extremely comfortable making wet exits in turbulent water. Previous training with certified coaches is advised. If you have not already paddled in Deception Pass at lower flows, or other tide races elsewhere, then this class is not for you (we recommend joining one of our Intermediate level kayak classes). You will want to be reasonably fit as paddling in these conditions can be demanding.

Advance Kayak lessons and Leadership Skills, Advanced Level 5-Day Class

5-Day Adventure Based Learning
Kayak Leadership Camp

$999.+tax per person / includes camping and access fees
2 person minimum

Class Details:
The starting times for these advanced kayak classes are going to vary according to the predicted tidal current schedule. We usually spend the first day in the awesome tidal race at Deception Pass and then camp near Anacortes in Washington Park. The next morning you will set off into the San Juan Islands and will not likely return until the last day.
See available Training Dates in the tab below.

Call 360•488•4247 to reserve a spot.

This is quite possibly the coolest adventure in advanced kayak training that can happen here in the San Juan Islands. Our coaches are big water specialists who can’t wait to share this experience with competent paddlers who are looking to advance their kayaking skills and their trip planning experience. After this course you’ll be comfortable and confident to plan your own kayak trips in the inland waters of Washington State and British Columbia.

The San Juan Islands have numerous places where water is pushed through narrow gaps or over shallow underwater obstructions. When this happens a tide race can occur. Tide races are jets of water moving at a higher velocity than the surrounding waters, creating overfalls, standing waves, whirlpools, and other fun features for kayakers. You and your coaches will seek out these places and spend the tidal cycle working on your rough water kayaking skills and rescues. After a hard day of playing in the sea you’ll camp at nearby San Juan Islands marine parks.

We ask that qualified participants be on their way to becoming a more advanced paddler. It is likely that you will encounter some rough conditions and so previous experience in moderate waters is appropriate. A roll or a developing roll will be very helpful as capsizes are likely. You must be very comfortable making unexpected wet exits, and have knowledge of self rescue techniques. Although you will be wearing a life jacket at all times you need to know how to swim so that you can move through the water after a capsize. Previous trainings with a certified coach will be helpful.

This will be a physically demanding trip and some days will be long. We ask that participants be in decent physical condition and that they have been paddling regularly before the departure to be “paddle fit”. It is not unreasonable to expect to paddle 20 miles on at least one day of the trip. This is a super fun expedition, it is not your regular guided tour.